Provision Management

‘Fuel moves your ship, food motivates your crew’

Keeping our seafarers motivated is paramount and can only be achieved through the provision of healthy and nutritious meals that we offer on a daily basis. At Oceanic Catering, we ensure that the quality and variety of products delivered on-board our clients’ vessels, fulfil the diverse needs and preferences of the crew. Taking into account nutritional guidelines, and the cultural and religious backgrounds of the onboard crew.

Our dedicated shore-based teams, together with our global network of Catering Superintendents, ensure that quality provisions are delivered on time wherever our clients’ vessels are in the world and to any time zone.

At the same time, through the meticulous management and supply of provisions, we ensure that our customers receive the best results for their budget.

We offer a simple, flexible operating model that caps the operating expenses and victualling costs of our principals, whilst supporting our seafarers’ welfare in every aspect.

At Oceanic Catering, we can leverage our procurement volumes and provide the quality and variety of products required for a fixed rate per person per day. A fixed monthly cost gives our clients further peace of mind throughout the year, ensuring financial consistency and transparent service.

Through our global network of audited suppliers, who all meet our strict requirements, we ensure a consistently high standard of provisions, procured in compliance with the MLC 2006 requirements and international food safety standards.


  • Outsourcing of provisions.
  • Our value-added commitment.
  • Consistency of product quality and competitive pricing due to volume-driven procurement power.
  • Safe hygiene practices by trained catering crew, and less wastage through proper stock administration and cost optimisation.
  • Quality victualing in line with crew dietary expectations, cultural, and religious backgrounds.
  • Healthy and well-balanced menus based on nutritional guidelines.
  • Continuous training, support and development of catering crew.
  • Access to a unique technology ecosystem providing real-time statistics and feedback on a vessel’s procurement, performance and quality monitoring.
  • Guaranteed victualing budget throughout the year ensuring financial consistency.
  • Regulatory compliance.

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