Oceanic Medical Solutions

Addressing Unique Requirements

Imprecise tracking, access to medical advice, compliance monitoring and inefficient product sourcing can all pose a significant threat to health and safety on-board.

‘Let us help you look after the health and safety of your seafarers, passengers and onsite guests’.

Oceanic Medical Solutions offer a Comprehensive Management Solution for Merchant and Cruise vessels to Offshore, including:

  • Managing medical emergencies & conditions.
  • Managing global regulatory health issues.
  • Development of medical protocols.
  • Supply of medicines, medical consumables & medical oxygen as per each vessel requirements.
  • Assume full responsibility & management of the on-board medical facilities operation including medical personnel and medical supplies.
  • Provide extensive network in the health industry worldwide including hospitals, medical devices, pharmacies, medical technology and telemedicine.
  • Provide a pre-embarkation medical examination for Crew.
  • Provide a reliable team of experienced physicians.
  • Provide insurance coverage based on the client’s requirements.
  • Provide expert advice for managing infectious diseases of public health concern.
  • Providing a health digital platform managing every aspect of medical operations.

Medical Chest Certification

We undertake the complete certification process, including a requirements appraisal, inventory check, adjustments and restocking, and final issuance of a Medical Chest certificate, while ensuring continued compliance throughout the year.

Our Clients can:

  • Be confident that their vessels are always in compliance with medical requirements
  • Access their certificate anytime, anywhere
  • Have access to technology-enabled reporting

Inventory Management

Through the utilization of a bespoke software platform, we offer a complete inventory management solution that provides accurate tracking, constant compliance monitoring, and streamlined product sourcing.


  • Operational Efficiency: Simply record product usage as it occurs and we manage the rest, avoiding time-consuming inventory audits and checking of expiry dates.
  • Maintenance of Med-scale Par Levels: Managing inventory levels and product expiry to ensure that vessels are adequately stocked in accordance with flag med-scale requirements, covering vessels calling at remote ports.
  • Risk Management: Maintaining medical chest compliance delivers operational efficiencies and cost reductions while alleviating the health and safety, reputational, operational, financial and legal risks that may result from a workplace incident.
  • Streamlined Procurement: Eliminate the need for quoting cycles, purchase orders and invoicing as all replenishment shipments are covered under the vessels’ annual fixed cost.
  • Budget Protection: Protect against excessive expenditure due to expiring items, high consumption rates, and expedited delivery charges.
  • In-Depth Reporting & Monitoring: In-depth analysis and reporting based on clients’ requirements, including inventory, delivery, and usage patterns.

Providing Maritime Medical Supplies

  • We are a leading global provider of medical supplies, equipment, and services to the maritime industry.
  • Our supply offices in key locations around the world, allows us to reach our clients’ vessels in the most efficient time frame.
  • We stock over 8,000 products in our warehouses with additional access to over 300,000 products worldwide.
  • Medical supplies cover pharmaceuticals, surgical supplies, medical gases, First Aid kits, water disinfectants, and any medical reference publications that may be needed.
  • All of our medical products and equipment are carefully labelled for clear identification. Every item is labelled with a product ID, expiry date, batch number and QR code.

Our Health Digital Platform

Real-Time visibility across your entire fleet for improved access to care, cost reduction and crew safety.

Our Health Management Platform provides centralized and immediate access to critical crew health and operational information through the leading technology platform specifically designed for vessel and shoreside operations:

  • Injury & illness documentation and tracking.
  • Compliance & maintenance of crew health records.
  • Public health monitoring.
  • 24/7 Telemedicine & virtual consults.
  • Enhanced compliance (GDPR, MLC 2006, HIPAA, WHO, etc.).
  • Global provider directory (by port & speciality).
  • Referral & disembark automation.
  • Medical Inventory & certificate management.
  • Improved wellness & monitoring.

Our Value Proposition

  • Value for Money: we provide the highest standard of service.
  • Cost Reduction: we create efficiencies and operating cost reductions.
  • Risk Reduction: our services ensure decreased operating and legal liability to the vessel owner.
  • We Go Where You Go: we offer a scalable organisation with a global capability.
  • World Class Representatives: our highly qualified medical representatives have vast experience in the maritime industry.
  • Fraud detection.
  • Managerial and Executive oversight.
  • Standardization and Transparency.

Our Value-Added Benefits

Through Oceanic Medical Solutions our Clients have access to:

  • In-house medical team & regionally-based doctors.
  • Case management.
  • Claims & Fraud detection.
  • Medically supervised evacuations.
  • Cost negotiations, containment and repatriations.
  • Telemedicine.
  • Hospital/Clinic/Doctor referrals management.
  • Air evacuation via air ambulance.
  • In/Outpatient case management.
  • Air repatriation via commercial aircraft.
  • Co-ordination of medical escorts.
  • Claims portal.

To find out more about Oceanic Medical Solutions contact us at medical@oceaniccatering.com and a member of our team will be in touch.

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