Water Solutions

We offer a range of robust options that are ideal for the Maritime Industry. Offering both high quality and cost-effective processing systems that deliver safe freshwater on-board, in compliance with international quality standards.

Oceanic Catering can provide a range of proven technological solutions, from water treatment and water bottle filling stations, to reverse osmosis freshwater generators that offer the ultimate autonomy to the vessels that choose to install such a unit on board. We can deliver complete solutions and after-sale service that can suit any budget.

Drinking water & Disinfection combined station

We can provide a drinking water and disinfection combined station for crew on-board merchant vessels. This will allow for:

  • Safe and clean drinking water: using a carefully selected filter process, the solution uses Ultrafiltration as the method to treat the existing drinking water on-board to an accepted standard by the crew. Taste is an important element along with bacteria control for health and well- being.
  • General cleaning and disinfection: the solutions can be used in the galley for cleaning and disinfecting food preparation areas, in the cabins, showers, toilets, canteen and rest areas.
  • Water system disinfection: the solutions can be dosed into the water lines to disinfect drinking and washing water supplies, as well as destroying biofilm in pipes, the environment in which water-borne bacteria such as Legionella and Cryptosporidium live.

By using commercial level pre-filtration in front of specially selected carbon, active carbon, and ultrafiltration with combined bacteria control filtration, a direct flow provides simple, clean, and good tasting water. The disinfection part of the system is only required at one point on a vessel.

The drinking water & disinfection combined station, not only eliminates the need to carry plastic bottled water for the crew to drink, it provides all the water for cooking and removes additional chemicals for cleaning.

Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generators

Due to their robust yet compact format, they provide the perfect solution for the maritime industry. The installation can be performed by technical crew on board since the system offers a plug & play solution. Economical and quickly supplied, it is an alternative to other traditional solutions that might not offer the full satisfaction or reliability that an R/O desalination unit can offer. They have a good track record of service 25+ years and are currently being used by many vessels globally.

Your crew can now enjoy good quality drinking water on board, in accordance with the latest World Health Organization requirements.

Water Treatment & Water Bottle Filling Station

Water treatment is the most effective and easiest way to disinfect potable water. The solution can be dosed by hand, or with the help of a dosing unit, and the levels can be easily measured, confirming the quality of the potable water. As a last resort, the water station filter will remove organic materials and chemicals. The disinfection is achieved with an approved chlorine agent and UV sterilization, to ensure safe water on board.

The Water Bottle Filling Station is supplied with a high-grade filter and due to the intense filtration, 99.9999% of bacteria will be removed resulting in fresh and clear water. The water stations have their own filter monitor, indicating water filter performance and usage.

Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

We can provide you with reusable water bottles. These are produced according to high health and safety standards and are practical in use. Executed in stainless steel, FDA approved and free of BPA and Microplastics, which are commonly found in plastic water bottles.

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