Hotel & Hospitality Services

At Oceanic, we understand the importance of a well-structured approach which we achieve through a tailored partnership that will meet your needs and exceed all expectations. Our goal within the start-up and in-operations process is the fulfilment of a detailed plan and the implementation of necessary tools and elements that will be in hand for a successful launch and continued service of a commercial passenger operation.

Our proactive attitude is heightened once the key elements are distinguished and a thorough break-down unravels, which will ensure the highest standard of service within all hospitality departments.

Pre-Opening & First Fit

    • Food & Beverage Consultancy

While consumers increasingly seek value and quality in food and beverage with convenience and promptness playing an essential role, an excessive training on working practices as well as organisational structures becomes our upmost priority to establish a cohesive and high level of service through the creation of a custom fit day-to-day operation.

    • Entertainment Consultancy

The engagement of your guests is key to the overall experience where we provide trustworthy expert guidance in curating enrichment personnel, musicians, activities, events, performing arts and more, in order to maximize indulgence and heighten interest.

    • Housekeeping Consultancy

As we aim for efficiency, an in-depth methodology is carried out that will meet the guests’ needs by building a service plan which the brand trusts ensuring a consistent level of performance throughout all areas.

    • Guest Services Consultancy

We thrive in understanding and anticipating what the guest needs in order to sustain a quality environment with its inauguration being the development and planning of the onboard hotel concept consisting of standard operating procedures and policies.

    • Shore Excursions & In-House Leisure Amenities Consultancy

Our main vision is to create a memorable travel experience for all guests by incorporating a sense of culture, enrichment, and rejuvenation. Whilst having the guest’s ultimate satisfaction in mind, fully customised strategies aligned with the brand’s philosophy add immense value to amenities onboard and ashore.

Hotel & Hospitality Services Management

    • Hotel Operations

With the utilisation of our knowledgeable and trusted management, we ensure that the appropriate standards are being followed through continuous monitoring of all departments, staff and products, and the use of budgets according to the client’s specifications.

    • Food & Beverage

After in-depth discussions and communication we conclude on detailed supply schedules for the vessel for the preparation of daily dishes that reflect high standards of quality, health and hygiene.

    • Shore Excursions & In-House Leisure Amenities

The philosophy of the client and its product is at the heart of what we do in order to research and develop a tailored bespoke plan for adventurous journeys that are designed to educate, entertain and highlight the culture of destinations visited. We maximise activities to connect guests with all elements of the ship by inventing innovating services within the amenities offered.

    • Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ)

A vital commitment towards our clients is following strict implementations that protect the passenger’s personal health and safety and encourages environmental sustainability by following quality regulations, enforcing high hygiene standards and working practices which we continuously monitor through internal audits in accordance to legislative requirements.

    • Hotel Crewing

All arrangements within the crewing sector are handled with great detail to establish a strong foundation to the experience provided. We go through the process of sourcing only qualified, talented and passionate members who will be a strong asset to the overall standard of service. All necessary recruitment procedures, documentation and appropriate arrangements for the crew is coordinated by us for the client’s reviewal and approval.

    • Hotel Training

The crew initially attends a pre-deployment training, both digital and in person, to institutionalise product familiarisation and develop essential skills required by the client with a target to perform to the desired standard. If necessary or requested by the client to strengthen and expand the knowledge of crew members even after deployment, further training is offered in order for crew to become an even stronger asset and add more value the vessel.

    • Procurement

Oceanic’s resilient supply chain, with global volumes, and processes deliver superior terms for our clients. We work closely with well-known and reputable ship chandlers who form our network of trusted global suppliers in delivering the service.

    • Sustainability

With the privilege of delivering quality marine hospitality and catering services to our clients comes the responsibility to serve and operate with the utmost care. We remain committed to be responsible global citizens and respecting our world’s resources and the cultures we encounter.

    • Accounting & Control

Oceanic has a strong compliance driven culture with continual ISO audits. Our simple, flexible operating model optimises OPEX and improves seafarers wellbeing.

For more information on our Hotel & Hospitality Services and how Oceanic can support your commercial passenger operations, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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