Hospitality & Culinary Trainings

‘On a yearly basis, we engage in the training of thousands of marine hospitality professionals’.

At Oceanic Catering, we know that a well-trained and supported crew is crucial to effective operations.

With an unrivalled understanding of the maritime hospitality and catering sector, and resources and experience to match, our global training and support services ensure a competent and skilled catering crew whilst safeguarding the welfare of our seafarers.

We have a real passion for improving seafarers’ well-being by offering hands-on, on-board, on-shore, and eLearning training and support for all galley personnel. Aimed at enhancing their culinary skills, and competencies, and supporting their further career advancement. We support and advise our clients on food management, menu planning, health, nutrition, food safety, and hygiene.

For more information on how Oceanic can support your training requirements, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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