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‘At Oceanic Catering, we Care and we are Committed to Crew Wellbeing’.

At Oceanic, seafarers’ wellbeing has become a focal point of our operations due to the close links between wellbeing and nutrition.

Keeping our seafarers motivated is of the greatest importance and can only be achieved through the provision of healthy and nutritious meals that we offer on a daily basis. We ensure that the quality and variety of products delivered on-board our clients’ vessels fulfil the diverse needs and preferences of the crew.

‘Looking after the health and wellbeing of our seafarers is paramount.’

Through our professional catering services and the shore-based support of our Health and Wellbeing Department, we provide dedicated health and lifestyle guidance and advice to crew. We ensure that our seafarers receive the tools required to adopt healthier eating habits while staying physically and mentally healthy when on-board. A healthier lifestyle ultimately benefits the performance of a vessel.

Educating our seafarers on various health-related areas through the provision of informational newsletters, posters, and bulleting’s is of great importance.

Our team of nutritionists in collaboration with our culinary team ensures that your crew receives healthy and wholesome meals based on dietary guidelines, nutritional needs, and menu planning. We take into consideration special requirements based on crew nationality, cultural and religious backgrounds, and any allergies or food intolerances.

At the same time, we make sure that our food combinations offer all macro and micronutrients as per World Health Organization recommended nutrient intakes. This avoids any deficiencies and improves performance, health, and wellbeing on board.

Supplying healthy, wholesome, and safe meals on a controlled budget might be hard to achieve, however with our procurement resources, we manage to provide balanced meals with high-quality ingredients for your crew and offshore workers from day one.

At Oceanic, we know that a well-trained and supported crew is crucial to effective operations, and through our global training and support services, we ensure competent and skilled catering crew whilst safeguarding the welfare of our seafarers.

Find out more about how Oceanic combines nutrition, training and a range of health and lifestyle guidance to ensure that your crew is supported on-board contact us at culinary@oceaniccatering.com.

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