Contemporary, Premium, Luxury and Ultra-Luxury Cruise Ships.

Oceanic has extensive experience in developing bespoke hospitality concepts and we will work with you to evolve the initial concept into a seamless, personalised guest journey. The onboard team of highly skilled hospitality professionals will be carefully chosen for their extensive experience and deep knowledge of the various categories of the cruise industry.

Aside from a genuine, carefully selected onboard team, we create a vast selection of culinary experiences to satisfy the palates of every guest, while providing complete tailored medical management solutions based on each vessel’s requirements.

Key benefits:

  • Resilient supply chain, with global volume ensuring quality and competitive pricing.
  • Procurement technology in place to support quality of goods, data visibility and traceability.
  • Diverse menus showcasing the ships’ global itineraries.
  • Themed, specialty, and Michelin-inspired menus.
  • Accommodating for any dietary need or preference.
  • Genuine, personalised global training programmes focusing on the development of shore and onboard teams.
  • Creation of customised, comprehensive Hotel Operations manuals as stable base for safe practices, highest standard and in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Consultancy and set-up of business performance & in-cabin technology systems.
  • Extensive range of subject-matter expert Consultancy Partners.

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