Our Quality & Environmental Commitment

At Oceanic Catering, we strive to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations through consistent service, and by meeting the highest Quality and Environmental standards as set by the industry. We focus on continuous development through:

  1. Products and services that consistently provide the highest standards for quality, environmental, health, and safety to our seafarers, and which satisfy the requirements of our clients, in compliance with all relevant legislation.
  2. A set of qualitative and quantitative targets are set during Management Review Meetings for all areas of operations in order to continually improve the effectiveness and suitability of all our processes and procedures.
  3. The on-going training and development of our shore-based and seagoing staff for improved environmental awareness, participation, and support in meeting ours and clients expectations.
  4. The emphasis on our responsibility to integrate quality, environmental awareness and hygiene practices into our day-to-day operations.
  5. Being an equal opportunity employer with no discrimination and with a strong commitment to the protection of human rights, particularly for our employees, business partners, and the community in which we operate.
  6. Conducting ourselves in a professional and responsible manner as defined by the Company Manuals and Procedures and in accordance with international standards for the best interest of the company, its clients, its employees, and the environment.

At Oceanic Catering, we are fully committed to maintaining, throughout the company, a management system which fulfils the requirements of our clients and the International Standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

We are committed to investing in our people’s training and development, in new technology and tools, modern methods, and systems while pursuing continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations, including environmental awareness and performance.

The implementation of the above International Standards offers a strategic competitive advantage to our company, and it is the responsibility of every member of staff to adhere to this policy.

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