Our Oceanic Q1 2021 Editorial is out now.

Our Oceanic Q1 2021 Editorial is out now.

2020 has been an extraordinary year. With the outbreak of covid-19, the systems, needs, and values in the world have changed, with people adapting to the ‘new ways’ of working, staying connected, learning, networking.

At Oceanic, we have managed to adapt to the new challenges due to our strong values, culture of flexibility and co-operation, due to our infrastructure and systems in place, but most importantly due to our people.

With the pandemic still looming large, the safety and well-being of our seafarers, colleagues and families, continues to be at the forefront of our daily operations and activities.

At the same time, we fully acknowledge the challenges our seafarers are confronted with, due to the restrictions that the pandemic has imposed, and we would like to assure you that at Oceanic, we remain focussed on delivering a flawless service to our clients whilst ensuring the health and wellbeing of our seafarers and providing continuous support to our catering crew.

We are happy to inform you of our first issue of our 2021 Editorial, with particular focus on “the Health and Wellness of our Seafarers”. A focus area in 2021 is the Health and Wellness of our Seafarers, and we encourage you to keep health and wellness at the forefront of your daily routine.

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